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The Women's Package

Titan Regulator 
Pearl BC
ABS Octopus
i300 2 Gauge 

Price: $1,050

The Essential Package

Titan Regulator 
ABS Octopus
i300 2 Gauge 

Price: $1,050

We carry all the gear you need to start and continue your dive adventures!
Masks                                                     Snorkels 
Fins                                                                   BCs
Regulators                    Alternate Air Sources
Computers                                               Gauges
Wetsuits                                              Gear Bags
Gloves                                                         Hoods
Dive Lights                                         
Dive Flags
Spear guns                                 Lionfish sticks
​Dive Stickers and Decals 

The Elemental Package

Calypso Regulator 
Pro BC
ABS Octopus
Analog 2 Gauge 

Price: $825

Adventure Sports offers top of the line

scuba gear for every adventurer! 

Come in or call to invest in the best scuba gear on the market!

Listed below are some of the brands that we carry in store! 

The Travel Package

Mikron Regulator 
Zuma BC
ABS Octopus
i300 2 Gauge 

Price: $1,195

Looking for the whole package? 
We offer Aqua Lung packages that include all the gear you will need! 

Upgrade to the air integrated i550 computer for only $180 more! Add a compass to any gear set for an extra $70!